Web player for Puzzlang

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Puzzlang Web Player

Puzzlang is a pattern language for abstract single-player games and puzzles, plus a Unity player. See blog.

Puzzlang implements a pattern language compatible with PuzzleScript, an incredibly ingenious creation of Stephen Lavelle. More on the blog or here. Puzzlang has a compiler, a universal games engine and a player targeting Unity. This in turn can be used to create players for almost any platform: Windows desktop, Linux, WebGL, Android, iOS and so on.

This is the Web Player, for anyone to use. Just click the links below.

2048 shows text objects and other new features.

Yet Another Sokoban shows high res objects.

Loops of Zen shows high res and mouse.

Bridges shows mouse, text and arithmetic.

Colour chart is not really a game, more like a demo, with text.